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      Located at 399 W. Park Ave Tenino, WA 98589


The Mendota School Bell 
has been repurposed as a Ticknor School Bell

 The Tenino Caboose Project is coming along



Our latest collectible 
Wooden Money.

The South Thurston County Historical Society is working with the Tenino Chamber of Commerce on the $21 2021 Wooden Money project which helps with the Small Business Recovery Program.  These are available for purchase at the Tenino Depot Museum.  They cost $20 but are worth $21 when spent at participating businesses in Tenino.   


The Pioneer Village will participate in the 2021 Oregon Trail Days. The fourth weekend in July!

The Tenino Depot Museum is a labor of love of the 
South Thurston County Historical Society.


Our Mission
To preserve and promote interest in local history, 

To retain historical articles and artifacts for future study and appreciation of these articles,

To present an interpretation of local history to and for the benefit of the public


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